I am Sam Dobbins

Portrait courtesy of  Dzemo Halilovic / PhotoDH

Portrait courtesy of Dzemo Halilovic / PhotoDH


I love road trips and new places, and the adventure between the two. In fact, much of the work I've done over the years has been influenced by my ability to travel and see new places along the way.

I own a company called More Than More.

Dispatch was the first band I downloaded on Napster.

I don't ride my bicycle nearly enough.

I am the creative director for Vossen Wheels.

After experiencing nearly every state in the USA, I can honestly and unbiasedly say that Washington is still my favorite.

I am fascinated by and love bridges.

I like phone calls and voices more than texts.

Past and Present Clients Include: 

Volkswagen (US, DE)

Thule (US)

Performance VW Magazine (UK)

Performance BMW Magazine (UK)

Retro Cars Magazine (UK)

BMW Car (UK)

Banzai Magazine (UK)

VW Power Magazine (FR)

Eurotuner Magazine (US)

Performance Auto and Sound Magazine (CA)

MHT Alloys / Rotiform Wheels (US)

Vossen Wheels (US)

KW Suspensions (US)

HRE Wheels (US)

LiveGuide (NL)

RXSpeed (US)

Eurokracy (CA)

SS Performance (NO)